Tri-Clamp Fittings

Tri-Clamp, Tri Clover or Sanitary fittings can be a little confusing due to all the different names that they are referred to as.  But know that these are all the same thing in the world of beer!

These sanitary fittings are what are used by essentially all commercial breweries, and now due to their availability many home brewers are beginning to use these tri-clamp fittings as well.

Tri Clamp fittings have a number of advantages over your typical threaded or ball valve fittings;  They quickly connect together with a silicone gasket and Tri-Clamp.  Without any nooks or crevices in these fittings (like many NPT threaded, or ball valve fittings) there is virtually no place for bacteria to hide and potentially infect your beer.  And since these fittings connect and disconnect so easily it makes cleaning them a breeze and ensure a sanitary surface every time you brew!

All of our Tri-Clamp / Sanitary fittings are made of high quality 304 Brewer's Grade Stainless Steel (or higher). 

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